is an open source religion, based on the ideas of Omnism. Anyone is free to fork this religion to create their own.

The tenets of are:

  1. The world around us is so unspeakably complex that we have no chance to comprehend it within our lifetimes.
  2. Religion is a language, a "user interface," that can be used to discuss this complexity in human terms.
  3. All religions are equally right, and equally wrong.
  4. All humans are equal before this complexity. Compared to the magnitude of the universe, we are nothing.
  5. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
  6. To intentionally cause harm, pain, or suffering to another living being is an act of Heresy.
  7. Discrimination, abuse, and hatred in any form are acts of Heresy.
  8. Violence, except to the minimum extent required for self defense, is an act of Heresy.
  9. Those who presently commit acts of Heresy are Heretics, and should feel really bad about themselves.
  10. "God," "the creator," the fundamental laws of nature that govern our consciousness, etc, can collectively be referred to as the "Greater Something" for purposes of convenience.

These tenets, together, form the entirety of the religion. No one in life has all of the answers, so we encourage everyone to think for themselves and to understand their own beliefs., Version 1. This religion is licensed under the MIT License.

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